Where Are You Heading and Why? Defining Your Company's Vision


Paint a picture of the future and tell me your aspirations for your organization?

We’ve posed that question countless times to business owners over the…

Recruiting and Retaining Manufacturing Talent


In case you didn’t know it, October 7th is Manufacturing Day℠, which is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of…

What is Your Story or Employer Brand?


A common thread with businesses is the desire for a pipeline of candidates whom are just dying to work for their company. Every business owner believes…

Sacred Cows, Destructive Heros and Squitters


We all know of them or we like to say “others” have them. But when is the last time you assessed if any are living inside of your organization?

Top 3 Mistakes Leaders Make When Growing Their Teams


You’ve heard it before, ”we all make mistakes,” but what mistakes will hurt us the most as leaders of growth organizations?

What does an Effective Hiring Strategy Look Like?


Often you will hear us compare an effective hiring process to dating. There are so many similarities: 1st dates, tests, 2nds, wish you could combine…

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