Top 3 Mistakes Leaders Make When Growing Their Teams

You’ve heard it before, ”we all make mistakes,” but what mistakes will hurt us the most as leaders of growth organizations?

1. They Have to Be Just Like Me

Surrounding yourself with a team of mini-me’s is not going to position your organization for growth. It will give you a bunch of people that will have the exact same, ideas, viewpoints, opinions and skill sets as you have.

Look to surround yourself with individuals that possess skills, expertise and background that are different than yours. We do not want a team of minions running around nodding their heads yes after every word you say.

Action: Catalog your greatest strengths and weaknesses. Next evaluate your key team member’s. What does the team around you need to look like for you to be challenged, brought different ideas and skills sets?


2. Not Knowing When to Delegate

Yes, you may have gotten to where you are by working hours on end on your own. It will not get you or your organization to the next level. The it’s faster to just do it myself attitude will limit your ability to spend energy on the right tasks. Yes we know you could do it yourself but be sure to ask if you should.

Action: Before completing each task today ask yourself: Should (NOT CAN) I be doing this? Is there someone else in the organization that I am limiting by continuing to do this task. Track where you spend your time over the next week. What are three tasks that would be better served to be completed by someone else in the organization? Create a plan to hand those tasks off. Be sure to identify what YOU need in order to feel comfortable letting those tasks go.


3. Professional Firefighter

When the “problem/challenge” alarm goes off you can’t help but jump in. Many leaders thrive on the opportunity to address and solve problems. It is often part of a leaders role to be involved issues. NOT ALL issues are YOUR issue. Do you over hear a conversation involving an issue and magically your entire day is gone?

Recognize that you are in your position for a reason. Someone has charged you with a mission and an objective. I guarantee people inside your organization know that you are just the person to go to in times of crisis. I me Organizations that How do you know when you are you solving the right problems?

Action: What are the top 3 areas of accountability for your role? Evaluate the fires you get pulled into over the next week. Evaluate if those problems support or move your key areas of responsibility forward? When you feel the pull towards the next flame, pause and ask, is this my flame to fight?

Being a leader is hard work. Take action now to stop holding you and your organization back from growth.

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