Temperature checks for Ohio businesses and Families First Coronavirus Response Act Update (03/19/20)

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Federal Response Update

During Governor DeWine’s news conference yesterday (March 18th) he instructed business owners to begin taking the temperature of employees when they arrive at work in an effort to identify anyone who is becoming ill; he also conveyed that if this is not feasible, he asked that employers require their workers to take their own temperatures prior to arriving at work and provide them clear instructions that any employee with a temperature of 100.4 or higher should self-quarantine with members of their household.

As most all employer’s have done so, continue to reassess your policies and procedures that will minimize the spread of the coronavirus through “social distancing”, good sanitation and hygiene practices and flexibility around employee’s requiring time off to deal with the issues related to the coronavirus and their family members.


For more information from Governor DeWine’s news conference this afternoon, please refer to the link below:



Federal Response Update

Also, as you are likely aware President Trump signed off on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. This will provide many employee’s impacted by the coronavirus some form of Paid Family Medical Leave or Paid Leave for medical conditions related to the coronavirus or if they are required to care for a child who’s school or child care facility is closed for coronavirus related reasons.  We are currently reviewing the details of this act and will communicate our guidance and recommendations to employers as soon as we complete our review.


As always, if you have any questions regarding this new information, please contact Steve Marklay at smarklay@aliniti.com or 513 578-6508


Note: These COVID-19 Guidelines for Employers and the Communications to Employee’s Regarding Sickness or Exposure to the Coronavirus are intended as an employer refence guide only and not intended to serve as either legal or medical advice. Any legal questions should be directed to legal counsel and medical questions should be directed to an appropriate medical provider.

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