Ready, Set, GOAL! New Year's Resolutions for the Workplace

This week we ask you to look into 2017 and consider your new year goals. Often found somewhere in a performance evaluation is section titled, “Goals” or “Goals & Objectives.” Once a year employers ask employees to identify their goals/objective for the next 12 months. We have seen everything written in this box from; “to do my job,” “to achieve my goals,” and still my favorite, “to not get fired.”

Why do we find it important to have employees set goals? Some people have found their purpose in life and every decision and step they take is aligned with that purpose. Many employees do not have that clarity. Goal setting is an opportunity to ensure that we are aligned with our true north. That we are focused on the things that really matter. Are we taking time and investing our time, energy and resources on the right things? Are we challenging ourselves and organization to grow and be better? Are we working on the right stuff? When we ask an employee to set goals we ensure growth, clarity and purpose.

With a new year comes a new set of goals and objective. As a leader it is our duty to:

1. Set the example

Do you have stated personal and professional goals and objectives? Beyond those tied to your company dashboard? Do you walk the talk?

2. Check-in.

Do you regularly check-in with your employees on their progress towards the goal? A standard review session goes like this;

Employee: “I would like to work on better communicating across multiple departments.”

Manager: “I believe that is a great item to focus on.”

That is the beginning and end of any discussion on this goal. The annual review comes around and the manger asks, “How did the communication improve over the last year?” Find a system that allows you to regularly check-in on the status of the goal, to regularly encourage and provide feedback to employee on their progress.

3. Celebrate the achievement.

We are yet to find a company that believes they are excellent at celebrating successes. Take a moment to acknowledge and communicate the achievement of the goal/objective. Share with others how the employee’s achievement of the goal supported or contributed to the success of the department or organization.

As we start 2017, set the stage and example as a leader. Create and communicate your own goals and objectives. Find a system to check-in with your employees, to hold them accountable and to support them in the achievement of the goal. Lastly, as wins are made and goals are achieved celebrate the victories, share the success and tie it to your overall company goals and objectives.

Next time we will consider "The power of employee engagement" and why goals are so important for motivating your workforce.

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