How do you create a well-defined Employee Value Proposition?


iStock-1185646487An Employee Value Proposition, commonly referred to as an EVP, can make or break your recruitment and retention efforts.  It provides the compelling reasons why someone should come work for you, and more importantly, why they should stay.

The first step to developing your EVP is to determine the talent you need.

Your EVP won't be effective if it doesn't align with the talent you want to attract and retain. In order to define an accurate EVP, it's important to assess the values of your current and future employees and ensure you're providing a value prop that resonates with them. Ask yourself these questions to get started. 

Who is successful in your organization and why?

What are their drivers?

What are the defining capabilities that every employee must possess regardless of their position? 

Your team's feedback will be crucial when defining your EVP.

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Consider sending out an employee satisfaction survey and coordinating employee focus groups to collect data around what your employees value and how they feel your organization drives satisfaction or dissatisfaction in those areas. That data will help you develop a unique employee value proposition that differentiates you from your competitors and acts as the foundation to your employer brand.

WSD of Enterprise Services recommends defining your EVP into these key areas. Not every category will apply to your organization and that's okay. Focus on the elements of your EVP that will draw talent from competing employers. 

The Work

Is the work unique, interesting, challenging or personally fulfilling? Are employee roles and responsibilities clear, fair and reasonable?

The Lifestyle

How would you describe work-life balance at your organization? Are employees able to work flexible hours? What is your vacation policy?

Benefits & Compensation

Is the compensation competitive with industry benchmarks? What benefits do you provide employees and their families?

Development & Growth

What opportunities are there for people to develop new skills, receive promotions, or advance their career?


How are people recognized and rewarded beyond fundamental expectations for competitive pay and benefits?


What is the culture like? Does the organization have a strong reputation? Are there community outreach or volunteer opportunities?

Craft your EVP with the information gathered and write your EVP from an employee's viewpoint. 

There are a number of ways you can communicate your EVP to your organization and potential future employees. If you're looking for some inspiration, check out some EVP examples here.

Example EVP

We are an established and growing organization that provides our associates an opportunity to build a life and serve their community.  We invest in our associates’ futures by offering great benefits and training programs that allow for personal development and advancement with unlimited earning potential and recognition. 

As a company, our success is evident through our stable growth and ability to give back to our communities. Are we right for you?  We are if you have a competitive streak, are self-motivated with big goals and looking for a career - not a job. 

If you are looking for additional information on how to create your Employee Value Proposition, our free eBook offers more in depth guidance, tips, and information.

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