How Do I Keep My Employees Engaged?

Sleepy bulldog Today, employees have the freedom to choose the work they do and most are drawn to environments that keep them engaged. The average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, which equals to about 1/3 of their life. Engaging employees in their work allows for astounding results. Pushing your business forward with a shared drive amongst staff is where the ultimate growth will happen.

Are your employees engaged? Do you see individuals who are confident and energized? What are some ways to keep your employees engaged?

Start with giving them what they need and don’t assume you know what that is, ask them.

Most employees simply want to feel valued. Meaningfulness becomes the condition of the workplace when it enables workers to feel worthwhile and valued. This happens when workers have the autonomy to tackle complex problems and when procedures and goals are clear. It gives them a secure environment to venture out of the box and to “show and employ one’s self” without the fear of being shot down.

A favorite way to keep employees engaged is to add a level of humor to the workplace. When people laugh, it promotes wellness and legitimately becomes a therapeutic ally for the establishment. It diffuses stress and enhances problem solving skills. Showing a human side will break the barrier between management and employees that sometimes exists. This will allow new ideas to flow more freely, ultimately producing more.

Finally, set attainable short-term goals and make sure long-term goals are clearly defined.

When goals are attainable, it opens the door for employees to feel like they accomplish more and feel truly successful. Sharp focus can be maintained when an employee feels like they are contributing to the whole. A universal mission should be clearly defined so that everyone can see the singular purpose, permitting people to be fully immersed in the vision. Be available for conversations and give good feedback because communication is the common key in all of this for keeping your employees engaged.
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