Expanded Face Covering Requirements (07/02/2020)

As you may have already read or heard, the City of Dayton was the 1st large city in Ohio to expand requirements of face coverings to any place of business that is open to the public.  This order further expands the requirement of face coverings that had already been established in the Ohio Reopening Protocols for employees of all businesses to also include all patrons, customers, clients, etc.….  As was the case with the Ohio Reopening Protocols for All Businesses, there are numerous exceptions to the face covering requirement, please see the link below for the full City of Dayton ordinance and these exceptions.

Click here to view the Dayton, OH Mask Ordinance

The City of Dayton order will go into effect on July 3rd at 8:00 a.m., thus any business located or operating within the City of Dayton should be prepared to observe and enforce these expanded requirements.  With the increase in COVID19 cases in Ohio, along with the rest of the country, it is expected that many if not most other large cities in Ohio will also expand such requirements of face coverings, thus it would be highly recommended that all Ohio based business begin to plan on how such expanded face covering requirements will impact their operations.


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