Community and Culture

This month, we discuss one of Aliniti's initiatives for 2017: Community and Culture. As we continue to build and strengthen our team, we look to give back to our community and enhance our relationships with the city around us.

While researching local initiatives and charities to support that would align with our community and culture initiative, we came across the Ronald McDonald House volunteering program.

The RMH provides homes for over 2,000 families.

The RMH provides homes for over 2,000 families with critically ill children each year and volunteers are essential in helping to maintain the home. Activities a volunteer can support with are varied, ranging from cleaning and cooking meals to entertaining and providing activities for all the guest families.

Sounding like a great fit, we scheduled a half day for Aliniti employees to participate in the House Helpers program where a group of 15 or less can spend a few hours assisting with cleaning the House.

Mike Weinberg, the Director of Volunteers, is passionate about the excellent work the volunteers do on a daily basis as it brings an amazing amount of satisfaction to all that participate and comfort to those the program touches.

“I started as the Director of Volunteers in August of 2015, after 10 years in the Marketing/PR world. For such a drastic change in professions to the nonprofit sector, working for the Ronal McDonald House has made it a simple transition. The culture that the House provides is full of gratitude and philanthropy and I am surrounded by wonderful people each day.”

- Mike Weinberg – Director of Volunteers

On a beautiful morning in May, the Aliniti Team arrived at the Cincinnati Ronald McDonald House lobby to sign in and await direction from our volunteer leader, Sean. After offering us coffee and water, Sean toured us through the House making stops at the theatre, one of multiple playrooms, several lounge spaces, the library, the reflection room and the large kitchen which provides meals for all the residents. As we went, Sean explained how each room served a purpose in providing a welcome distraction and sense of relief and comfort to every family that stays there.

The Cincinnati location has 79 rooms, the 5th largest in the country.

After our tour, we turned our efforts to cleaning, starting with a bedroom. The Ronald McDonald house provides all the necessary supplies and a checklist to go through to properly prepare vacant rooms for an incoming family. The Cincinnati location has 79 rooms, the 5th largest in the country, but still maintains a 14-day waiting list. A room needs to be cleaned as soon as it is vacant so the next family can begin their stay.

Once the bedroom was sparkling clean with crisply folded sheets and a freshly mopped floor, we grabbed the janitor’s cart and headed to the shared spaces of the house, cleaning as we went to help to maintain the welcoming feel of this home away from home. Every person we encountered along the way, whether an employee or guest, was polite and kind with several offering gratitude as they passed.

Though the time spent at the House was a mere fraction of the day, we certainly felt a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in the support we were are able to offer.

The RMH is always looking for volunteers.

The RMH is always looking for volunteers, regardless of the amount of time given.  “We are grateful for all the support we receive from our community!” added Mike.

Community and culture is important to Aliniti has a whole. We enjoyed giving back and plan to do more in the future.

To learn more about The Ronald McDonald House and the volunteer opportunities you can get involved with, visit:

Next time, we shall be taking a look at how a transitioning workforce could affect your organization and offer some solutions on how to harness the knowledge, skills and abilities of your people for a bright future.

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